Special Effects & Make-up Artistry

Work Based Learning Semester One.

So Work Based Learning is completely self directed this year which is a nice change, I believe this way we will be prepared for when we have to organise events, jobs and shoots as individuals in our freelance work. I feel good not to rely on the tutors so much! I’m sure the rest of my class agrees too.

The brief basically revolves around working together to find an appropriate photographer for our final assessments and finding ways of raising the money that is needed to cover the photographers time, prints etc..

We have been attending fort nightly meetings to discuss finding a photographer that covers all individual tastes and the majority agree is suitable for our assessments.

Having seen photographic work recommended by each person in our class, as a group we decided on Emily Nicolle Bailey.


She is a very talented photographer and has many different tastes and styles which is essential because we will be working individually on our make-up designs. She has also been so kind as to give us a group discount which is an extra bonus!

In the meeting, I recommended Clinton Lofthouse Photography, his style of work is very unique and is amazing to look at but the group agreed that he would be perfect for our Intermediate Prosthetics assessment. So I am currently in the process of organising the Prosthetics shoot with him.


Please check their work out! They are both amazing!

I look forward to working with both of them! :)

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